Deliver Your Dissertation In This Presentation Folder

You are about to deliver your dissertation in order to finally earn your Master’s degree. But slow down for a moment while you are preparing for this epochal event in your life. You may well have spent many months, years even, preparing your materials before putting together the final draft of your dissertation. And so far so good. You are happy with the results. But you’re still overlooking one very important matter. It’s human nature. You all have it. A short span of attention. But what the academics will notice during your dissertation delivery is your presentation. Make up a few custom presentation folders to deliver to them by hand.

And do make sure that you are smartly dressed for the occasion. For the hand-delivery of your gilt-edged presentation folders. And for the final delivery of your ground-breaking speech that you will be delivering from the vantage point of your lectern. You will of course also have to address your body language. You will want to have another look at your poise. You would wish to give your audience every indication that you know exactly what you are talking about. You do not wish to shout; you are not in argument. But you will want to raise your voice in an authoritative manner. Stand up straight. But not rigidly.

custom presentation folders

You are not on the parade ground. You are allowed to relax your shoulders just a bit but keep your palms resting gently on the lectern, giving your audience every indication that you are feeling quite confident at this moment, in the moment. You might want to smile a little. Be engaging but at the appropriate moments. And you are allowed to bring a little dry humor into play as well.